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Midway There are multiple artists with this name:

1) Ralph Barendse produces hard trance music for the In Trance We Trust label under this alias.
2) A band from Los Angeles.
3) An acoustic indie/emo/electronica band from Fayeteville, Arkansas.
4) Funk and Rock musician Bruce Nazarian from Detroit.
5) A band from Poland.
6) A young pop-punk-rock-indie band from Galway, Ireland.
7) A melodic hardcore band from the United Arab Emirates

1) Ralph Barendse is the man behind Midway, and he produces hard trance music for the In Trance We Trust label under this alias.

The first Midway track - Monkey Forest - was released in 2002. Inca was then released a year later, and in 2004, probably his most famous tune to date Amazon was released twice, including one whole vinyl release devoted to remixes from Mesh, Plastic Angel and Sander Van Dien.

Barendse concentrated on other projects throughout 2005 but he returned to the Midway project in 2006, releasing a track named Cobra.

Ralph Barendse also releases music under the pseudonyms of Ralphie B, Alpha Breed and First State (a collaboration with Sander Van Dien).

2) Midway is a band from Los Angeles featuring Kevin Fischer (KEYS), Jason Kisvarday (DRUMS) and Jonna Mae (lead vocals). MIDWAY first hit the stage in 2002 at the now infamous Mr. T's bowl. Born out of Mike TV's Launchpad scene, and growing up with the Kiss or Killers, MIDWAY has planted deep roots in Los Angeles' underground indie-rock scene.
The band is unpretentious and their goal is simple: HAVING FUN! Taking inspiration from virtually anything they find amusing, MIDWAY writes quirky up-beat pop songs with hooks aimed at classic gamers. But perhaps what they are best known for is the way MIDWAY rocks a crowd!

MIDWAY is musical prozac in a hard candy shell.

3) An acoustic indie/emo/electronica band from Fayeteville, Arkansas, featuring Kevin Keihn (lead vocals) and Clint Robinson (beats). They formed in 2004 with Clint Robinson and Kevin Keihn both members of The Wedding. They released an album called "Angel and the Bad Man, Lady takes a Chance." However, they only sold it at shows. For 2004 and 2005 they played and recorded music in Fayetteville, Arkansas. But with the success of The Wedding and the busy touring schedule they were forced to just stop. In 2006 Clint quit The Wedding and in December of 2006 missed playing music with Kevin. Clint started writing some new songs, Kevin started recording vocals to the songs. Now they're back together. Ready to do it again.

4) Bruce Nazarian (born 1949 in Detroit, MI) is a funk and rock musician, recording artist and music producer from Detroit, currently residing in the Western USA.
Besides many other projects in 1984 he produced Midway's "Set It Out" (featuring Donald Ray Mitchell of Was (Not Was) on lead vocals) which became a Billboard-charting dance hit, even appearing on the soundtrack of "Breakin' II - Electric Bogaloo".
See: Discgos and Wikipedia.

5) One Midway is from Poland, with; Michał (drums), Monika (lead vocals), Daniel (rhythm guitar), Bogdan (lead guitar) and Mieszko (bass guitar) on board.
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