Dj Mafie Zouker

Dj Mafie Zouker DJ Mafie Zouker is a Brazilian DJ, who is remixing common songs with a zouk (some say neozouk or soulzouk) beat so the songs are better suited for zouk (braziliian style), lambazouk and lambada dancing. his remixes are both called soulzouk (the slower versions) and Zouk revolution (the faster versions, often with a reaggeton beat).

He comes from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. He is one of the Djs that promote the new tendencies of the Brazilian Zouk dance, and danceable music with exclusive remixes, classes, new song releases, and theme parties.
Mafie: owner of the Neozouk and Zouk Night Love, in cooperation with some other Dj´s, as a dancer, as a teacher, as a promoter and as a dj.

Those who haven’t heard the remixes of Mafie yet are those who never have danced Brazilian zouk!

For those who don't know, little Marco (for some..) started to dance “danca de salao” when he was only twelve years old, and had met Brazilian zouk for the first time one year later at a party!

From that moment on, it was only a matter of time to observe Adílio (one of the most famous Brazilian Zouk dancer, now living in Amsterdam) dancing and to perceive that, as he himself quoted: “zouk as a dance and as music can be limitless.”

As all good artists with their own special visions, Mafie was not contented with the existed music only and decided to create a very unique style. The music of “Neozouk” is capable to let a person feel every detail of it without solely depending on its beats or marks, and yes, in the ambiance and the sensations this style of music can offer!

Mafie Zouker is -no doubt- a very talented artist with immense opportunities. Without him zouk would not be the same as it has become!

On European tournee in 2008 and this year in 2009, with other dj's from Brazil!
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