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Mala Luna

Mala Luna Mala Luna is new and interesting rock trio from Helsinki, Finland. The band unites extreme rage, twisted riffs and catchy melodies in their music.

Despite the very young age Mala Luna is already widely noticed in the Finnish music scene: The band's debut EP Inti (released in February of 2006) received several excellent reviews in the Finnish music media.

It is extremely difficult to describe or categorize the music of Mala Luna. Only thing that you can be sure of is that the band ruthlessly unites together just about everything you can imagine the way that you have never heard before: "This band proves that all the labels set to categorize music are fake. There are lots of heavy riffs, twisted rhythms and unique arrangements in Mala Lunas edgy music - but the music is rounchy rock instead of introverted soft jazz" says Antti Luukkanen of Finnish rock magazine Soundi.

But this is still just the beginning. The ambitious group headed back to the studio in June of 2006 to record a follow-up to Inti. The new Mala Luna EP Nina was released in October of 2006 and the band is ready to take over the growing audiences on their tour 2006 / 07.

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