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Noize MC

Noize MC Ivan Alekseev (born 9 march 1985), also known as Noize MC (which is also the name of his band), is a rock/punk/hip-hop musician from Moscow, Russia. He's one the most famous russian freestylers known for his tongue-in-cheek lyrics. In 2003 he founded a band called "Protivo Gunz" which later became a full live line-up of his every show. However having two names was inconvenient, so after signing a record deal the name "Protivo Gunz" was dropped and "Noize MC" became a full rap-rock/punk rap band.

Ivan «Noize MC» Alekseev — vocal/guitar;
Aleksandr «Kisly» Kislinsky — bass;
Pavel «Pa$hock» Teterin — drums;
Maxim «Inspektor» Kramar — guitar/synths.

2008 — The Greatest Hits Vol.1;
2009 — Розыгрыш (original soundtrack);
2010 — The Greatest Hits Vol.2 (re-release);
2010 — Последний Альбом
2012 — Новый Альбом.
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