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Wyatt There are at least 3 artists with the name Wyatt.

1. Wyatt is the solo project of Brisbane based Jarryd Shuker (manager of Australian ambient pop band MTNS). In 2014, Wyatt released a debut self-titled EP Wyatt EP which blends wistful and melancholic layered vocals, wispy synth drones, barely-there drum clicks and minor-key piano.

2. WYATT is a four-piece country/rock/power pop band from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Wyatt self-released a Christmas album Snowed In in 2005. After signing to a major label, a second album, Hard Road, was released in 2007. Wyatt's third album, If I Had a Dollar..., was released in 2010. A fourth album Shoulda Been Here Last Night… was released in 2013.

3. WYATT is a Brooklyn-based electro folk pop outfit of brothers, sisters, and friends. Since the release of their debut EP The Wyatt EP in 2011, WYATT has toured the Southwest, played festivals from CMJ to SXSW, and earned kudos from The Deli, The LA Examiner, and TimeOutNewYork, who says their "quirky, lilting and unpretentious songs pack a jaunty punch."
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