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Blowback There are several bands named Blowback.

1) A stoner rock band from Sweden. They play a "Sabbath meets Dozer" kind of stoner which means heavy riffing mixed with lots of groove.

2) A political hardcore band started in DC (Black Flag/DOA/MDC style). BLOWBACK plays many of it its shows at protests or activist gatherings.

3) A hardcore punk band from Nigata, Japan. They toured the US with Tragedy in spring 2008.

4) BLOWBACK were a pop-punk/emo band from the UK who were around from about 2000 until they split in 2007. They toured the UK numerous times and the high point came around the release of the single 105 Sunset. There were many member changes and various members now play in bands such as The River Card, Shermer, Sense Of Urgency and The Control.

5) A female fronted Heavy metal band from southern France.
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