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深澤秀行 深澤秀行 (Hideyuki Fukasawa) is a Japanese composer. He has often worked with Capcom but is also involved in a lot of his own freelance composing work. He had a minor role in Onimusha 2 as an assistant sound engineer and programmer to 岩代太郎 (Taro Iwashiro), the acclaimed music composer of that particular game but it was his work on Chaos Legion, a Capcom Gothic action-adventure third-person fighting game in a similar fashion with the Devil May Cry series released in 2002, that gave him a cult-like status among video gaming fans.

Chaos Legion was released in 2002 and received mixed reviews about the story and the gameplay but it was the music that achieved Hideyuki a cult-like status among gaming fans for his stylized music composing.

He has composed on the successful Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams, the latest in Capcom's ever popular Onimusha franchise. The music here is different; with Hideyuki combining a lot of traditional Japanese style music with his own disco and heavy metal style. The mixture and blending of the music styles here are very successful and will hopefully bring Hideyuki's success to a more mainstream level.

Recently Hideyuki composed the music for the Sunrise original production Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto, an anime series set in 19th century of Japan. It is the first time he composed for an anime.

What sets Hideyuki Fukasawa's style of music composing apart from video game music heavyweights such as 植松伸夫 (Nobuo Uematsu) or 光田康典 (Yasunori Mitsuda) is his distinctive style of merging orchestral music with techno, rock, heavy metal and gothic chanting. The beat of his music varies from orchestral to being very disco-like, serious, dark, mysterious and having an intense, exciting action adrenaline-pumping feel. Being a huge fan of heavy metal it is not surprising that some of the various traits of that particular music style has made its way into his own music.
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