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Pizzaman Quentin Leo Cook, born on July 31, 1963 (also known as Norman Cook) is an English musician in the dance music genre. His style is known as big beat, a combination of hip hop, breakbeat, rock, trance, house and rhythm and blues. He stopped using 'Quentin' and began calling himself 'Norman' long before he adopted any other pseudonym.

In 1995, Cook enlisted help from producer friends Tim Jeffery and JC Reid to create a solo house music album under the 'Pizzaman' pseudonym. The album featured one track, "Happiness", that was picked up by the Del Monte Foods corporation for use in a UK fruit juice ad. Cook also experimented with other side projects, and enjoyed some underground success as The Mighty Dub Kats with "Magic Carpet Ride".

In 1996, Cook adopted the alter-ego pseudonym Fatboy Slim and began frequenting the Brighton club The Big Beat Boutique. While DJing at the club, Cook befriended The Chemical Brothers, who suggested that he work on his own material instead of merely DJing.

From 1996 he's known as Fatboy Slim
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