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Hemi-sync Hemi-Sync® is an audio technology developed by The Monroe Institute. It focuses on manipulation of the brainwave activity.

Hemi-Sync® is based on the natural functioning of the brain that encourages coherent brainwave activity. Our brains produce waves or patterns of electrical activity. Different patterns indicate different mental states, such as rest (occipital Alpha), deep sleep (central Delta), meditation (central and frontal Theta), physical activity (wide-spread Beta). Hemi-Sync®'s audio binaural beats influence the brainwave patterns and in concert with other components of the Hemi-Sync® process provide experiences in focused states of consciousness.

Hemi-Sync® influences brainwave patterns and alters states of arousal. Hemi-Sync® programs provide participants with the opportunity to experience focused states of consciousness.

Hemi-Sync® does not employ the use of subliminal suggestions. Hemi-Sync® is designed for listening through stereo headphones or properly placed stereo speakers. The versatility of Hemi-Sync® gives the basic technology an almost limitless range of applications for mental, physical, and emotional well-being. The technology simply and effectively allows you to involve your own total capabilities and direct them as you choose. It can be compared to a powerful software program that facilitates extraordinary levels of performance and productivity, guided by the intention and desire of the listener.

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