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HIDETAKE TAKAYAMA Hidetake Takayama is an on going project by director Hidetake Takayama that involves various artist and player, Cello, Violin, Flute, Oboe, Drum, Turntable, and he plays piano.

They are chiefly making the music for the movie and the image.

The VA albums he is on:

『Melancholic Jazz Sunset(V/A)』2010.10.20
04. Sunset Song
16. Wonder Wheelin'

『In Ya Mellow Tone 4(V/A)』2010.02.03
08. Komorebi

『My Piano Sings(V/A)』 2010.01.06
15. Puke [Acoustic Ver.]

『Melancholic Jazz Winter(V/A)』 2009.12.12
03. Pipo
08. green factory
15. Sanctuary

『Melancholic Jazz(V/A)』 2009.03.04
04. ID-01-37-22-8923A
08. ready-set-go
11. madorom
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