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Kino Oko

Kino Oko Kino Oko, better known in his hometown of Warsaw as Grzegorz Magnuszewski, has been previously
released as now legendary Tromesa and is part of the most innovative duet in trance scene - Bigwigs.
These ensembles almost single handedly started the explosion of creativity coming from the Polish
border and influenced massively electronic scene and whole producer’s environment. Having a lot of
experience with team work Grzegorz decided to set up a solo project and realize innovative ideas alone.
Over the years he has become most innovative cross-genre musician and completed impressively wide
musical repertoire, performing in top electronic venues and clubs all over the world.

Composing music for over a decade starting with psychedelic rock from the 60's and 70's, samba, disco to polish electronic music and jazz from 80's ending at all genres of contemporary music, Grzegorz has successfully explored a number of different styles in his untiring quest for original sounds and approach to electronic music nowadays. Avoiding the roads frequently traveled by contemporary electronic dance music, he delivers always fresh ideas soaked in nostalgia and the hippest form of retro avant-garde blurring the ideas of genres to near pointlessness.

Grzegorz said: "I wonder when the end of my creativity will come to me. I developed my own system of working with sound and I hope its proof of such a situation. I never kill my ideas especially if they all go into unknown direction or fields I’ve never been before. This is the reason I’m always excited about my work. Precious ideas come to me spontaneously, good music is a result of thinking of them."

Grzegorz graduated piano class at Frederic Chopin Music School in Warsaw, major: musical theory and harmony rules.

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