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Storms 1) Storms is an instrumental rock / post-rock band that formed in Zagreb, Croatia in early 2009. The band rose from groups such as Don't Mess With Texas, Amok, Nikad, Radio Free Isaac and Lunar, among many other Croatian indie/hardcore/punk bands. When Don't Mess With Texas disbanded, three members continued playing music. Together with Ivan of Amok and Senata Fox, Storms was formed. Ivan left the band in October, 2009 and now Storms is a three piece, consisting of Slobich (bass guitar), Sasha (guitar) and Neven (drums). So far, a self-produced demo has been recorded, as a preview of the full length album to be released by the end of 2010. Storms is planning a European tour to occur sometime in early 2011.

2) 1) Storms is an instrumental rock band from Williston, North Dakota. The band formed in the spring of 2008 from the members of Iao.

The band played their first show in August of 2009 and finished writing their debut 6 song album "Chasing After Wind" in July 2010.

Storms consists of 5 members:
* Adrian Azar (guitar)
* Alex Walters (guitar)
* Skylar Tangedal (bass guitar)
* Paul Conlin (guitar)
* Garrett Stoner (drums)
(In 2009, Garrett Stoner joined the band and former drummer, Paul Conlin switched to guitar.)

3.) Storms was also a hardcore band along the likes of The Swarm, Left For Dead, Converge tinted with thrash metal from Albany, NY formed in the spring of 2007 and quickly ended by the end of summer 2007. Here is the EP for free
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