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Yuka There are at least two artists currently performing under the stage name "YUKA."

1. YUKA, formally Yuka Muraishi (村石有香) and formerly Yuka Sato (佐藤有香), is a Japanese singer, born on December 10, 1970. Previously, she also worked under the stage name Asakura Miyū (麻倉未有) in addition to her other names. She is best known for "Mirai no Kioku", the opening theme of the anime Kiddy Grade. She also performed numerous songs for the Dragon Ball Z Hit Song Collections produced throughout the 1990s, including "Brain Dance" and "Love Jet".

In June 2000, she married drummer Muraishi Masayuki (村石 雅行), and later in gave birth to a son in 2003.

More recently, her songs "Destiny of the Desert" and "Shinkirō" (Mirage) also appeared in the anime Desert Punk as opening and closing songs, respectively. Her official site may be found here.

2. YUKA (Irina Solobutova), born 1974 in Bratsk, Siberia, is a dj, producer, and promoter. Since 1998, she has been living in Moscow, with her first gig there in 1999. In 2005, her first remixes, «The Fly in Wonderland» and » Kitchen Studio», were broadcast by the famous Moscow internet-radio Deepmix.

2008: first released track «Deep Deep Indigo»- Romance with Robots EP - FULLPANDA 007 (12»)
first live act at the International Festival of Modern Music and Media-Art «MIGZ» / Moscow

2009: Cyber Kokopelli EP - FULLPANDA 008
regular gigs at the Fullpanda events - ALL YOU NEED IS EARS /Berlin, Paris, Moscow…
V/A «Vatka» - Electronica 01 [e10]
V/A «Snow Fox» - Sputnik-1 EP - PRO-TEZ 010 (12»)
together with RYBA is running the series of nights - HABITS DIE /Solyanka club, Moscow
Asia EP - FULLPANDA 011, available on beatport.
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