Skullhead In an interview with the music zine WelshLeak, from inside prison in 1987, Skullhead's founder Kevin Turner says that he started the band as an reaction to the murder of a close friend, Peter Mathewson in 1984. The band was originally called Skullhead U.K. but soon dropped the "U.K." Having started out in Consett, UK, as an Oi! band singing patriotic lyrics, the band joined in 1985 the "White Noise Club" of the National Front and quickly became a prominent "Rock-Against-Communism" (RAC) band, adopting elements from heavy metal and other types of rock music. The members often referred to themselves as a Third Position band.

Line-Up 1984~1994
Kevin Turner, founder and singer
Tim Ward, guitar
Spin Brown, bass
Nick Shaw, drummer

After becoming inactive in the white power scene, Kevin Turner became a tattoo artist and techno music MC under the moniker MC Techno T. He has performed at some of the biggest rave clubs in England, including After Dark in South Shields, and has been featured on several live hard techno CDs. In September 2001, the newspaper Sunderland Echo exposed MC Techno T as a former member of Skullhead. Turner and a new lineup of Skullhead released the album Return to Thunder in 2002.

Line-Up 2002-
Kevin Turner, founder and singer
Frazer Robinson, guitar (ex-Warhammer)
Russ, guitar (ex-Toy Dolls & ex-The Meteors)
Sticks, drummer (ex-Strikeforce UK & ex-The Whisky Priests)

1987 - White Warrior LP (Unity Records)
1988 - White Noise EP with Palazard (White Noise Records)
A-side "Look Ahead" by Skullhead; B-side "Red Light Runaway" by Palazard
1989 - Blame the Bosses EP with Violent Storm (Third Way)
"Blame the Bosses" by Skullhead; "Celtic Warrior" & "Unemployed Voice" by Violent Storm
1989 - Odin's Law LP (United)
1989 - Rose of England EP (Street Rock 'N' Roll)
A-side Rose of England; B-side Townmoor Festival
1990 - Look Ahead EP (Street Rock 'N' Roll)
A-side Look Ahead; B-side Blame The Bosses
1991 - Cry of pain LP (United)
1992 - Victory Or Valhalla! Mini-LP (Rebelles Europeéns)
1994 - Ragnarok CD (ISD Records)
2002 - Return To Thunder CD (Backstreet Noise)
2002 - Victory Or Valhalla! CD
2003 - Return To Thunder LP (PC-Records)

1990 - No Surrender Vol. 4 (songs: Yuletide, Memories) LP (Rock-o-Rama)
1991 - Gods of War Vol. 4 songs: No More Brothers War, Skinhead Rock Band) LP (White Power Records)
1994 - Blood & Honour Vol. 1 (songs: Push On, Hang The I.R.A.) CD (ISD Records)
1997 - White Resistance Vol. 2 (songs: Rock'n'Roll Resistance, Fighting For Victory) bootleg CD (C 18)
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