master killer

master killer "Master Killer" (MK) was formed by Alexey "Silay" (guitars, bass, vocals) and Vitaly "Silay jr." (drums) at 1997, till 2003 it was as "home studio" project with some sessions band members. First live show (as a trio) with Igor "Balashoff" (bass) 27 dec of 2003 as a support at Relax@Club (Moscow) in Monsters Corp.'s "Brutal New Year". New members joining in June 2004 were brutal and black vox by Maksim "Myasogoloviy" label manager of "Corporation of Monsters" (Monsters Corp.) and Dmitri - guitar ("Scrambled Defuncts" founder member). But Dmitry was busy with his own band so he couldn't continue playing with MK so Igor invited Alexander "Kuzoff" as new guitarist. Alexander and Igor are students of Moscow Conservatory.
In 2004-2005 MK actively played gigs in different underground clubs of Moscow. The group demonstrates extreme show with such bright element as 140kg boobs:) of Myasogoloviy, the singer. Periodically in a hysteria and ecstasy he knocks down Silay-shaggy by his boobs creating interesting choreographic movements.
In its songs MK develops the themes of folklore, sex, violence, politics, pop-stars and Satanism in ironic and accessible form. It shows the faecal sides of glamour and perfect sides of simple existence in harmony. It's good known shows for fans of derisive (sarcastic) deathcore/grind/crust (and others postmodern styles of music).
At spring-summer 2006 band prepares material for studio recordings.


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