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Shabnam Suraya

Shabnam Suraya Shabnam Suraya is a popular Tajik singer. The talented singer was born with music in her blood as both her mother (Surayo) and sister (Farzona Khurshed) are famous singers in Tajikistan.

However Shabnam was little known until her popularity rose dramatically in 2006 where one of her songs was ranked #1 in Tajikistan. Following this success, Shabnam hit international stardom and is now recognized famously amongst Persian-speakers around the globe.

Most notably she is popular in Afghanistan because she has done many cover versions of famous Afghan songs including Yori Sabzina, Ta Tura Didam, Sheeshta Bosham (Farhad Darya), Afghan Bacha, AZ KUDAM SAFAR(Amir Jan Sabori),and more.

Shabnam also collaborated with the Afghan singer Jawid Sharif creating a duet Ek Khuda. On top of that Shabnam has also made duets with Tajik singers including Bahrom, Suhrobi, Parvina, Johnibek and others. In addition she took took part singing in Leila Forouhar's concert in Tajikistan during 2006.
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