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Taxi Taxi

Taxi Taxi Taxi Taxi (not to be confused with Sweden's Taxi, Taxi!) is the brainchild of musician and producer Terence Bernardo. The band was formed during the New York transit strike of 2005, when a chance meeting in a taxi carpool introduced a group of young musicians to one another. During the fateful ride through morning rush hour, they discovered their shared affinity for the music of Stax Records and artists such as ESG, Harry Nillson, Big Star, David Bowie, and Yanni. Within a month, the newfound friends were rehearsing and recording what would become "Maps and Legends" in Terence's Brooklyn studio. With roots firmly planted in strong songwriting and inventive production, Taxi Taxi defies easy classification. Both eclectic and experimental, Taxi Taxi serves up tunes that are by turns rocky and melancholic, unpredictable and nostalgic. Terence is a co-founder of White Mud Free Way whose 2004 debut "Last Year's Junk" was released by Bar/None Records. The album made many top 10 lists of 2004 and was hailed by Rolling Stone as "cause for of the most charming, lo-fi records this year."
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