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Bacio di Tosca

Bacio di Tosca Bacio di Tosca is a darkwave project by mezzo-soprano Dörthe Flemming from Germany.

The dark romantic music of Bacio di Tosca fascinates above all with the manifold classical chant of Dörthe Flemming, who already made herself a name as the singer of the band Charitona. Therefore she doesn't simply jump on the bandwagon of nowadays popular heavenly voices bands but without exaggeration can be named one of the originators of that genre. After several years taking an artistic rest she now presents her first solo release came in 2007 with Der Tod und das Mädchen (trans: Death and the girl) which can be placed in the neoclassical darkwave genre.

Stilistically Bacio di Tosca is a recollection to the German Kunstlied (art song or lieder), popular during the romantic period. For instance Dörthe Flemming puts composers like Schubert and poets like Heinrich Heine, Mathias Claudius and Karoline von Günderrode in a new gloomy and melancholy dress.

„Bacio di Tosca – The voice of sadness“
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