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Vira There are two Vira.

1. Vira consist of past and present members from the The Downward Candidate and Frameless Scar, and is a young, but hard hitting metal band based in Copenhagen, Denmark, where light is rarely seen. In these surroundings their sound has evolved magnificently during the three years of their existence. Musically VIRA confronts a universe that combines melodies of melancholy and polyrhythmic tech parts with old school death-metal grooves, composed without boundaries and without following any trends..

Several essential dimensions explain the depths of VIRA; their expression is dark, chaotic, yet beautiful, and complex, while their sound is both destructive and solid. With a new promo entitled “Recurrence”, mixed and mastered by metal guru Jacob Hansen, VIRA is finally ready to break out of their shell and establish the band as a household name on the European metal scene.

“Recurrence” is the result of psychological frustration, loss, depression, and death…
Guitarist Alex Munck lost his father few days before entering the studio. This came suddenly and unexpected, and left everyone in a state of sorrow. But despite this tragic loss, VIRA and especially Alex were determined to enter the studio as planned. The band recorded the promo with a core dedication in loving memory of Alex’ father Claus Munck who always showed great interest in the band.

“I have this strange feeling that he interfered, as I was playing, like he was a part of it” was Alex’ first words after nailing the solo for the song “Half Awake”, in just one take, stoking everyone in the studio. The solo was improvised as well as the end part of the song. “It just came together as we played our instruments. It was the same feeling you get when you jam in the rehearsal room, and everything sounds perfect. We experienced pure magic, and the song would never have sounded the same if we tried to play it again. The song got captured by the moment, and is therefore very special to us”, the members of VIRA agree.

Kim Jarlhelt - Vocals
Danni Plougstrup - Guitar
Alex Munck - Guitar
Martin Hasseldam - Bass
Brian Larsen - Drums

2. Vira is also a trance producer.
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