Chemo David L.G. Webb, known professionally as Chemo or Telemachus is a London based record producer and recording artist. His studio; Kilamanjaro Studios has a reputation as a hub of the British hip hop scene.
Chemo began as a Producer and DJ for Frontline along with MC's Syanyde and LeEo. Alongside rapper Conflix he created the Character Assassins series of mixtapes which were notable for featuring 'Assassin Sessions' which were recordings made in one take to simulate the live Cypher element of Hip-Hop events. Alongside DJ Snuff, DJ Steaz and Manage, Chemo founded Speakers Corner, a free entry monthly event held in Brixton promoting free speech.
After working on albums for Manage, Kyza, Kashmere, Verb T, Triple Darkness and others, Chemo released a solo compilation album titled Squirrelz With Gunz, mixed by former World DMC champion DJ Skully. Similar in theme, he followed 'Squirrelz' with 'The Stomach of the Mountain', named after a Klashnekoff lyric, on his own Kilamanjaro Music record label.
He released a beat compilation named 'My Mate Does Beats' in 2012 which featured beat sketches and instrumental work from some of his favourite producers.
Chemo is primarily a hip-hop producer and uses the alias Telemachus on his own more eclectic solo projects.
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