Zekazy Zekazy... Soloproject of 25 year old Jari Ronkko.

Zekazy was born in Stockholm, Sweden. His parents are from Finland and so is the name Zekazy. It means "Messed up / Confused" in Finnish. While creating mostly psychedelic trance, his music mixes and mashes a number of different elements that gives him his own unique sound.

- Embellished is another of one of his soloprojects. Downtempo easylistening music..

- He also has a project on the side with one of the world's greatest darkwave producers Simon Heath, called Meiou.

- Another sideproject was started with Gonzalo Laserna (Metzanima) which features progressive psychedelic trance & 80´s electro influenced music. The project name is Sonitusmaku.
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