sam spence


Spence There are 3 groups by the name Spence:

1.We've been struggling a long time..
the journey has been cold and unpredictable
its hard waking up when you're at the edge of defeat
We've endured more than what we could handle..
but we will not surrender.

2. Danny Spence is a rapper out of Lawrence, Kansas. Spence returns with his second full album release: “Planet Pluto.” A stylistic departure from his golden era influenced work, the album draws inspiration from electro, drum & bass, and Bollywood with lyrics touching on music criticism, his Texas to Kansas migration, love, pressure and everything else. “Planet Pluto” also features appearances from local Kansas favorites Steddy P, Approach and Ebony Tusks.

3. Andrew Spence is a breakbeat dj and saxophonist from Vancouver BC Canada.
His website is
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