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Annoying Ringtone

Annoying Ringtone All music (soon to be) downloadable @ http://annoyingringtone.bandcamp.com

Annoying Ringtone is an electronic music project that formed in Aberdeen, Scotland in 2007. They have produced music in a wide variety of styles, though most of their songs can be classified as breakcore, speedcore and related sub-genres (eg. dancecore, extratone, mashcore, cybergrind etc). From 2010 to 2011 the band's line-up consisted of founding member Tom (who did all the live shows himself) and Berlin, Germany based Erik (aka "The Captain Kirk On LSD Experience") who provided the vocals for various tracks on the Party Killer, Dancegore Warriors, Nightclub Annihilator and Speed Monster EP releases. Since early 2012 though, Annoying Ringtone has been run solely as a one-man project. In February 2016 they announced through thier Facebook page that they were retiring their Annoying Ringtone project.
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