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Remission There are two bands called Remission:

1.) Remission is a hardcore band from Santiago, Chile which began in 2008. Their main influences are Verbal Assault and Dag Nasty which is reflected in their melodic riffs with strong vocals. Their releases so far are:

-2008, Demo 7"/Tape (Amendment records)
-2009, Accept LP (Amendment records)
-2011, Winds Of Promise 7" (React! records)
-2011: Split w/ Police & Thieves 7" (Amendment records)

2.) Remission is a crust band from Wisconsin. Members went on to play in Wartorn and numerous other bands. They has been a band off and on from 1995 to the present, with several different lineup changes. As of June 2008 Remission is once again an active band. Remission has done several US tours. Their releases are:

-1995, Demo: Human Compassion (Power Ground Records...USA)
-1995, 7": Fetus the Code (Power Ground Records...USA)
-1996, LP: Our Days are Numbered (Beer City Records...USA)
-1997, 7": A Few Faces of Protest (Spiral Objective...Australia)
-1997, 7": Temporary Service=Temporary Slavery (Denied a Custom...Japan)
-1998, LP: 1995-1998 Discography (DeadBeat Records...USA)
-1998, CD: Time Served Discography (Bovine Records...USA)
-1999, Tape; JOBBYKRUST / REMISSION split MC (Isane Society Records...Czech Republic)
-2008, CD 1995-1998 discography (Profane Existence and Crimes Against Humanity)
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