Mindgames 2010
Mindgames releases their third album MMX.

Max joins the band on bass. New compositions are finalized. In the summer of that year the album MMX is recorded at Ace Studio and produced by Frank Van Bogaert.

Al-Tair Azizov decides to leave the band. Recordings for the third album are deferred. Further more the band changes their rehearsal room.

Mindgames and Frank Van Bogaert performed together: Progressive Rock and Electronic Music Join Forces. Mindgames performes at the ProgMania festival. Stoffel is replaced by Tair (bass, 2007-2008). Mindgames decided to change their legal organisation status and no longer be a NPMA (VZW, Stichting, ASBL).

Release of Actors In A Play, a conceptalbum recorded at Ace Studio and produced by Frank Van Bogaert. The title lumps together the different characters and personalities described on this album. The album received very postive comments from the international press. The cooperation with bassplayer Eric Vandormael has ended. Stoffel de Laat (bass, 2006-2007) joins the band.

A year of composing.

Mindgames performs at the first Flemish Progrock festival, organised bij Prog-Nose. They close the festival after Karma Depth and 7th Circle. Later that year Mindgames performed at the Prog-résiste Convention and ProgFarm.

Musea decided to distribute International Daylight worldwide. Later that year Mindgames becomes a NPMA. Several concerts that year.

Official release of International Daylight, the first big fella. Several presentations of this album.

In preparation for the full cd. In august Mindgames got his own website. In the beginning it was just an informational page where people could register to stay informed.

Rudy (guitar) had the most difficult audition: not only he had to search for a sound and a guitar line for the existing songs, he also was confronted with a band playing on the same wavelength. His way of playing and his musical ideas were the missing link that Mindgames was looking for. The chemistry with the other band members is responsible for the colourful symphonic style of Mindgames.

Demo recordings (Signs From the Sky, Mental Argue and Dreamin’ the Circus). We never had the intention to make this demo public, nevertheless we're still very proud of it! Further more some small gigs.

Benny (drums) and Tom (keys) joins the band. Benny had been playing Metal for several years. Tom had been playing classical piano for ten years and was very interested in making different styles meet. It became the strength of the band making personal influences meet and blend.

Mindgames is born. Bart and Eric (bass, 1997-2006), who had been playing in the same band a year before that, joined each other again to form a new band. The same kind of music that brought them together… Progressive and symphonic rock.

== Discography ==

Demo (1999)
International Daylight (2002)
Actors in a play (2006)
MMX (2010)

== Band members ==

Bart Schram - Vocals, acoustic guitar
Tom Truyers - keyboard, piano
Sandro Starita - guitar
Maximilian von Wüllerstorff - bass
Benny Petak - drums, percussion

Rudy Van Der Veken - guitar (2001-2011)
Eric Vandormael - bass (1997-2006)

== Websites == Official site of Mindgames MySpace page
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