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Abdullah There are two artists known under the name of Abdullah.

First, following in the influences of Black Sabbath and Sisters of Mercy, the Richfield, OH-based Abdullah got together in 1998 through drummer and vocalist Jeff Shirilla. Accompanied by guitarist Al Seibert, the duo brought on their hybrid of doom metal from their own Rage of Achilles Records and released their debut EP "Snake Lore" in 1999.

There is also second artist using this name, who released the single "I Comma Zimba Zio (Here I Stand The Mighty One)/"Why Them, Why Me" on Motown Records in 1968.
How the man Joseph McLean recording under his Muslim name Abdullah came to be signed by Motown isn't made clear in the notes, but this was his only record, 'cause he was dropped after charging into a white Motown employees office, calling him a blue-eyed devil and pushing a letter opener up under his chin.
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