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Sevda Elekberzade

Sevda Elekberzade Sevda Elekberzade (Azerbaijani: Sevda Ələkbərzadə; born on July 04, 1977 in Baku, Azerbaijan), is an Azerbaijani female singer.
Sevda's voice is difficult to mix up with someone else's: it's strong and thick, with special guttural notes. And this is notwithstanding the fact that her style of singing embraces many possible elements: you can discern in it both soul music and jazz, new wave, and even African griots. Sevda was interested in trying to learn everything: both techniques of traditional "khanende" singing (lessons of legendary singed Alim Gasimov proved a help) and opera bel canto (she went for probation period to Florence, Italy in 2005 not in vain). The most important feature that has always characterized the singer's performance is a high degree of emotional contribution which cannot leave you indifferent. Sevda Elekberzade comes from a family where culture was objective and predestination of everybody. Her grandfather - Abulgasan ElekBerzade is a national writer of Azerbaijan and author of the first Azerbaijani novel written in the Soviet period. Her father, Chingiz Elekberzade, was a famous journalist-writer. She and her sister started to take a great interest in singing from childhood. When Sevda was only 14 and Elmira - 18, they came to Aypara group that was formed and led by Vagif Gerayzade, and then since 1991 was renamed Aypara-2. Sevda is grateful to her fate for the chance of working with outstanding musician Rafik Babayev on the threshhold of her activity, as well as with other composers and arrangers working in his studio, such as, for instance, Siyavush Kerimi and Rashad Gashimov. Everybody noted not only strong voice and inner culture of young singer but also subtle fascination of her manner of singing that contradicted to traditional stylistic standards.
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