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The Hit Squad Songwriting Team

The Hit Squad Songwriting Team We are giving away free full length albums/cds for a limited time! Message me if you like our music!Located in & around the Buffalo, NY (USA) area, we have been playing & writing music for over a decade and have over 50 songs together and continue to write more. We have written songs in many different styles including Pop, Reggae, Adult Contemporary, Modern Rock, Alternative, Punk, Blues, and Country. All 5 of us have written songs together as well as on our own, and we all are multi-instrumentalists playing some or all of the instruments on our songs. Two of us (Marky and Chris Smith) signed a publishing contract with Peggy Lea Publishing in Nashville for our song "I Believe" (available for download). We are more interested in being songwriters and would like to acquire more publishing deals, have our music recorded by established artists, and have our music placed in film and TV and video games.
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