Ilai Biography

Ilai was born in September 1987 in Padova, Italy, where he still lives. Since a young age he had a passion for music and with just 12 he got attracted to electronic music. At the age of 16 he had his first experience as a Dj at small events and clubs.
In 2005 Ilai started to produce his own music under the name of Freak System and released his first tracks on the Italian label MK Rec.
After playing on some of the biggest events in Italy and other countries, he created his new project DJ Ilai in 2008.

Psychedelic Answer was the track that immediately gave an impression of his style - phat bass, embracing groove, psychedelic melodies - thats the words that describe his music best.
He met Alex (Astralex) and a great connection was born, soon after he released his first track on 24/7 Rec. Other releases on various labels followed!
It was at this time that he created a new project with his friend Dj Dust (Andrea Lunghi) named "Mind Shuffle"!
In 2010 Ilai finished his first EP called "Impulse" successfully released on 24/7 Rec. with great response.

He is working non-stop in the studio on his debut album - which will include collaborations with artists like Materia, Mental Broadcast and M-Theory - to be released later in 2011!

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