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The Fires of Ork

The Fires of Ork The Fires of Ork (sometimes incorrectly referred to as Fires of Ork) was a collaboration between Pete Namlook - the mastermind behind the Air and Syn aliases and an illustrious, diverse composer who has dipped his toes in almost every genre - and Geir Jenssen of Biosphere, an icy, isolationist ambient techno outfit that metamorphosed into unmitigated Artic-ambient adventures by the end of the 90's, and has evolved that style substantially well into the next decade. With tFoO both musicians incorporate their straight-up techno pedigree and an aura of science fiction to create plodding cosmic epics, inciting images of extra-terrastrial conurbations and machinery - the samples from movies such as "Dune" accentuate this effect. Namlook adopts a less rigorous approach to songwriting often preferred by Jenssen, and thus the pieces blast off into space with no friction or inertia to hinder their progress. One of the most respected and venerated series on the Fax +49-69/450464.
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