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MindtrapMusic Mindtrap is the psychedelic trance production arm of TLA, a UK based electronic music project headed by 22 year old Tom Clarke.

Tom has been producing and performing electronic music for play at free parties and club nights for over 11 years. In that time he has DJ'd accross a broad spectrum of genres including techno, breakbeat, drum and bass, house, and has produced pieces as diverse as electro, ambient, hip hop, dub, reggae and chillout.

In 2008 Tom joined the Peaches And Chrome Productions taskforce, working as a digital music consultant/specialist at The Bridgwater Facility in Somerset.

The Mindtrap tracks are a selection of full-on, bouncy trance-dance tunes, including psy mixes of well known party classics.

Mindtrap is currently in the studio creating a fresh new sound set and a custom software/hardware rig for live performance
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