muzika azeri


Kazeria Kazeria, meaning "hunting" in Spanish but written in a distorted way, began its activities on 2008 and hails from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Comprised by only one member, S., its sound combines different styles such as martial industrial, dark ambient, neofolk and even some electro.

Released so far:
“Discipline of the Shadows” (SkullLine, 2008)
“72 Candles in Cairo" – Split w/Barbarossa Umtrunk (SkullLine, 2009)
“Credo Nostrvm” (Twilight Records, 2009)
“Summoning the Elder Ones" – Split w/Igniis (Gradual Hate, 2010)
“Liber Corvus” (Twilight Records / Gradual Hate, 2012)
"Light of Baphomet" (Gradual Hate / Logia 933, 2012)
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