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Etno Grupa Trag

Etno Grupa Trag Etno Grupa Trag is a vocal-instrumental band which preserves traditional music of the Balkans.
The repertoire consists of songs from Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bulgaria. The TRAG was founded in 2003 as a part of Cultural-artistic association “Slavko Madic” from Laktasi. The group has taken part in many important events in Republic of Srpska and abroad.
The group members were gathered by their love towards national tradition. In order to save original music from oblivion and to bring closer traditional rhythm and music to modern audience they interwove their own arrangements. In this way they expressed their personal feelings as well as the spirit of the time.
As a part of national tradition, these songs have been carried over from generation to generation and lived in people. At the same time every generation and every individual have given their own contribution enriching them and preserving their beauty and liveliness forever. Following the footsteps of the national tradition, the group “Trag” has given its own expression to the songs and the spirit of the time reviving and leaving them essentially unchangeable and always national with the future generations as a pledge.
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