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Moskau There are 2 bands by this name:
1. Noise post-punk art-core performance band from Koprivnica, Croatia.
2. German experimental metal project featuring Christian Kolf.


1. It happens to be a noise post-punk art-core performance band from Koprivnica, Croatia. It contains of four base members - Ivan Grobenski, Ivan Laić, Ivan Gundić and Pavle Bojanić.

Past members: Barbie, Bojan Koštić

In 2015. they released their EP Red, available here:

and their first LP Dirty Ground, available here:

2. "This is the second album of my recording project "Moskau", which was founded in 2001.

All in all I recorded 4 albums. Most of the stuff is too crappy to show, but I guess this album has some great songs on it.

I thought a lot about re-recording it, but in the end I scrapped that. It's like it is. Pure homerecording feeling. I personally like this style when I listen to other artists, so maybe you will like it too.

The songs have been recorded from 2003 to 2004 at different locations where I have lived.
released 01 December 2005
Christian Kolf: Guitars, bass, vocals, synthesizer, drums
Session musicians:
Lars Kummer: Synthesizer
Patrick Schroeder: Drums "
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