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Slavic Selin

Slavic Selin Slavic Selin is a musician,  composer and sound producer in all kinds of musical styles and directions.  This bio contains the list of projects that he participated in over years.

Slavic Selin has been engaged as a musician, composer and sound producer in a variety of hard and heavy projects in Russia, including band Forsage, Arteria, Butterfly temple, Omela, Margenta and others. The total amount of albums he participated in exceeds 15. Most of these albums have been released on a Russian major label CD-Maximum. Owned his studio in Moscow.

Worked as a sound producer and studio supervisor for several top Russian Artists including Maks Pokrovskiy, Kipelov, Anatoly Aleshin, Valeriy Yarushin, Nikolay Korshunov, Dmitriy Koldun and a bunch of others. Also produced and recorded themes for commercials, for example nokia-tune variation for ads

Performed as a member of jury in several music contests and as a guitar teacher for many aspiring musicians. He has also organized an Instrumental Rock Guitar music festival to draw attention to this genre in Russia and to give many talented musicians an opportunity to show themselves to the public. And as a results best russian musicians in that genre participated in the event. Also he has participated as a guest in many radio and tv shows.

Wrote an instrumental guitar album that came out in 2008 on major Russian record label CD-Maximum and now has a distribution around the world . The album is a mix of such styles as jazz, blues, rock and electronic music. This is a work of five years and the first tracks were recorded back in 2002. This is a record for the people who search in music associations for their own feelings rather than direct message. The concept of the album is to bring the emotions to the surface, because we can't always remember what made us feel in particular way but it stays with us. Among guest stars there's a famous drummer Jonathan Mover, who earlier collaborated with such artists as Joe Satriani, Alice Cooper, Shakira, The Tubes. The album is sold on CD in Russia and USA with a world-wide delivery. Also tracks from the album are available in all major online music stores(iTunes, Amazon, Nabster, Nokia-Music)

In different periods of time performed as a part of a band or solo at venues holding up to 20 thousand people and participated in many major Russian music festivals. During that period of time he obtained a unique experience in outing with concerts around the world.

Moved to europe and produced 2 songs that tried Eurovision for Cyprus (Hovig Demirjian, Christina Tselepou), co-produced Talent Show on major TV-channel (full production of more than 20 songs) and is moving further in the sound-producing and performing his own music in European countries :)

Started new pop-rock-dance-strange-insane  :) project with vocals. The first track of it is set to be released in summer 2010
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