Lycaon There is more than one artist with the name Lycaon.

1.) Lycaon is a Japanese Visual Kei, Hard Rock (Formerly Alternative Metal) band with electronic influences, formed in January 2008. After the release of a few singles, they released their first full-length debut album in March, 2010, entitled Royal Order , which is widely considered as one of their best releases. This was also the last official release with the original lineup (after FRAGILE their bassist 美央 and drummer eve left the band . The official reason was explained as "musical differences", though there has been speculation among fans that Mio and Eve left because they didn't want to change the bands sound from their distinctive metal sound to a more softer sound). They then recruited a new bassist 緋遊 and have since released two singles, a new mini-album, an "erotic" album, an "erotic" single collection consisting of 7-types and a live DVD.

They will disband after their last live which will be held on the 6th of November 2015.

Vo. 悠希 -Yuuki-
Gu. 零 -zero- (ex. ジャガー → Lycaon, 瞬獄殺 as Richard → Lycaon as リト -Rito- → Lycaon)
Gu. サトシ -Satoshi- (ex. Amulet* → Lycaon)
Ba. 緋遊 -Hiyuu- (ex. ジュリエット → Lycaon)
Dr. 一朗 -ichirou- (ex. RoyalMarry → ダイス → Ends∞Infinity → Rhythm → DISQLOC. as 佑一 -yuichi- → Lycaon (Support) → Lycaon)

Former Members:
Ba. 美央 -Mio- (ex. Amulet* → Lycaon → 瞬獄殺 as Tony november16 → BORN (support))
Dr. Eve (ex. Puppet Mammy → Holic → Lycaon → )
Dr. ゆいぜ -Yuize- (ex. ASS'n'ARRow〜あすなろ〜 , ClearVeil (support) → Lycaon (Support))

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2.) There is also a Finnish Progressive Melodic Metal band formed in 2006. At the moment they are going through some line-up changes.

Line up at the time of the first demo Question :

Vocals: Jaakko Mäkelä
Guitar/Growl: Anttoni Heikura
Keyboards: Jukka Hakosaari
Guitar: Lauri Tanhuanpää
Bass/Growl: Ville Härkö
Drums: Valtteri Jokinen
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