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少女-ロリヰタ-23区 少女-ロリヰタ-23区 (Lolita23q pronounced as Roriita - Nijuusan-ku (You don't pronounce the 'shoujo'.) is a japanese visual kei band. Their sound is often pretty heavy rock music with heavy screaming, but mostly their songs are very catchy rock songs, with electronic effects . Members:
Vocal: 総史(Soshi) (ex.ワタシメスラッグ)
Guitar: 龍兎 (Ryuto) (ex.サルーイン)
Guitar: ユ≠キ(Yuki) (ex.キューブリック)
Bass: リョヲ丞 (Ryosuke) (ex.パヴロ, 酔奴隷, メイ)
Drums: BAN (ex.酔奴隷) Ex. members:
Guitar 仔池 恵 (Megumi) (ex.武蔵野らヰんo) 2004-2005
Vocal 颯~そう~ (Sou) (ex.Various Ray, now in レミング) 2004-2009
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