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Frazzbass Milan based, Frazzbass a.k.a. Francesco Adornetto, has been playing all around Europe,resident in all the biggest terror&speedcore events for the last six years. In the april of 2000 he started to played as name: Milan Speedcore Project live. This project was created by him to grow the industrial/speedcore movement in italy. He continued it together eight artists: Rotello, HCM, Schrill, Hotrebor, Fabrikill, Tannoizer, Twilight, Kriminal Terrorist.. For a lot of internal reasons M.S.P is DEAD. In '99 the speedcore genre was unknown, but with this project, a lot of people start to appreciete it in Italy and in rest of Europe.. The purchase of Fast Tracker 2 in 1998, provided him with the means to experiment with beats and noise himself. Influenced by his love for music and driven by the the rage of a young boy, he established his first release on vinyl in 2001. He created his label Cerebral Destruction - Shit And Noize Art, to develop quality of noise music in Italy,and continue to grow the movement. Beetween 2001 and 2003 he produced the firsts 8 volume of Cerebral Destruction - Shit And Noize Art(S.A.N.A.) He distributed the first five S.A.N.A. on 12" by himself during his parties dates around europe [over 2500copies!].... but now all s.a.n.a. products are in exclusive to soundbase music in Leipizing - Germany. In 2003 he started to collaborate with the precursors of hardcore music in Italy: The Stunned Guys. With Rotello made a speedcore remix of the famous "Bim Bum Bam" track.. After months of work, in spring 2004 released his first double cd compilation:Xtreme.Core vol.01: 45 tracks including collaborations with a lot of producers like: Komprex, Splitter, Deadlock, Amiga Shock Force & great extra videos.. In 2004 he wanted start a collaboration with Hotrebor & Syrob,but unluckely the project finished before start and he decide to released part of their tracks on his new label: Noistorm records (member of Sonic Solution S.R.L) The reasons of his productions are growing are a lot: 2004-2005 he is studied as audio engineer at Sae institute in Milan, after years of tracker like: FT2, Modplug, Mad tracker, he discovered the newest tracker: Renoise with the support of special plugins & virtual instrument. He started to work also with Digidesign/Pro-Tools LE and WaveLab to edit the samples that he create... 19/03/2005 he released the second volume of Xtreme.core @ city Hall in Utrecht. the 1000party people and cd's was sold out! 14 June 2005 his favourite artist, Richard D.James aka Aphex Twin, played in front of 15.000people one of his production on Cerebral Destruction - Shit And Noize Art(SANA004): Komprex - Worldwide Shit. In July 2005 he released with X-Fly: "Boogie Monsters EP"(R909%-019). It was the first frenchcore style "black edition"of R-909% records: 019 (label of Randy). After that, he collaborate with The Sickest Squad to do the famous track: "Rotten Beat" released on the french label Neurotoxic (Audiogenic). 07/10/2005 He released an alternative mix cd in a party in Holland: I Hate Trance(UFE001). During the winter he release with Komprex the greatest "Spaghetti cunts Ep" on Special Forces Records(SPF011), now after almost a year they will release the new "Resurecction EP"on Speedcore Records (CORE009). During summer 26/07/2005, Francesco Adornetto it was under a bombing-terror kamikaze attack in Sharm El Sheik, luckely he didn't die. That experience inspired him to make a new vinyl, and with Noisekick he released:"Still Alive Ep"on Terror Noize Industry (TNL002).Soon two new ep will release on Audiogenic: Absurd Audio and Psychik Genocide (info soon) In the beginnig of 2006 He organized everymonths terror/parties @ Kilowatt Club near Milan, where in 17/03/06 he did also a party cd released of Xtreme.core Vol.03. Frazzbass at this time is a reference for alternative music, only Italian DJ/Producer with Komprex & Rotello capable to attract several hundreds of persons for a terror/speedcore/noise live act! Francesco Adornetto is writting now on new album (non-hardcore) influenced by other kind of music like: drum'n'bass, rap,metal,grindcore etc etc..
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