Baby Rasta y Gringo

Baby Rasta y Gringo Baby Rasta y Gringo, real names Wilmer Alicea and Samuel Gerena, respectively, are a Reggaeton duo from Puerto Rico, famous for their track El Carnaval (The Carnival). They have released three albums, New Prophecy in 1998, Fire Live in 2003 and Sentenciados in 2004. Sentenciados came out in both parental advisory and edited versions, and a "platinum version", including a bonus DVD, was released in 2005. Even though their first album came out in 1998, they started recording together in an album produced by DJ Negro, The Noise.

They separated in December, 2004 because of problems with their record producer, who Gringo says paid more attention to Baby Rasta alone, instead of them both as a group. It has been alleged that they have an ongoing beef, with people alleging that Baby Rasta has dissed his former partner in live shows.

Baby Rasta has achieved success and fame, mostly due to his appearing on many artist's albums and landing a hit with his only Billboard Top 100 hit so far, Hay De Mi, with producer Noriega. Also, he has announced that he is planning on releasing hs first solo album, La Ultima Risa (The Last Laugh), on October 10, 2006.

Gringo's solo album El Independiente is going to be released September. Gringo also released Reggaeton Con Navidad on December 13, 2005. It featured Bebe, Machito, Klasico, and many others.

Their hit, El Carnaval, is unusual because of the fact that the song samples another of their songs, En La Disco. En La Disco was never very popular, only known for it's catchy tune. Nevertheless, Baby Rasta sampled it and even re-used some of the lyrics for he and his partner (minus the more explicit ones), and El Carnaval was born. Basically, El Carnaval is a remix of En La Disco. El Carnaval is considered one of the greatests reggaeton songs ever.
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