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Lilith "Lilith" is the name for at least fourteen different artists:
1) A Polish symphonic metal band founded in 1998
2) A Polish rock / metal band founded in 1999
3) A German-Kurdish female folk group founded in 1999
4) A German rock / metal band founded in 2001
5) A Spanish rock band from Barcelona
6) A Bolivian black / doom metal band from La Paz
7) An experimental music project by Scott Gibbons
8) A Japanese visual Kei band (tag as Lilith instead)
9) A Finnish goa trance project
10) A Colombian Rock band from Medellín
11) An American folk band from Pittsburg
12) A brazilian electro duo
13) A hardcore band from Phoenix, AZ (2014)
14) A Chinese visual kei band from Shanghai, formed in 2010. (Also is under the tag Lilith 中国 but Lilith is the spelling for iTunes.)

1) Lilith is a Polish symphonic metal band founded in 1998 in Poznan.

2) Lilith is a Polish rock/metal band founded in 1999 in Radom.

3) Lilith is a German-Kurdish women group which plays traditional, folk and world music. Lilith was founded in 1999 by Gabriele Thierkopf and Şehriban Özdemir. In 2003, when the group was complete, they changed their name from „Göğün Yarısı - Hälfte des Lebens“ (Half Of Life) into the shorter name „LİLİTH“.The five artists are two German, two Kurdish and one Turkish-Alevi woman. They sing traditional and new composed folk songs about women themes in Kurdish (Kirmanji and Zaza), German, Yiddish, French and Turkish. These menmbers (four of them live in Germany) are: Gabriele Thierkopf (guitar and vocals), - Şehriban Özdemir (tembur, dshura), Sariyar (lead vocal), Luise Blum (violin) and Mavis Güneşer (frame drum and vocals). Streamable album: "Göğün Yarısı".
(In contrast to here not streamable but however alternative artist profil is: LİLİTH)

4) Lilith is a German rock/metal band descending from Hamburg, founded in 2001. They released an EP in 2005, consisting of songs like 'Abnoe', 'Ambiguity' or 'Memento'. Their website is not existing anymore. They probably broke up in late 2007/early 2008.

5) Lilith is a Spanish rock band from Barcelona composed by: Agnes (vocals), Albert (Guitar), Rafa (Bass) and Joan (Drums). Currently they have a studio album titled "No te R.I.N.D.As" wich is part of trilogy. The other two albums (yet to be released) are "Sal si puedes" and "Leche de Rock". More info on their website:

6) Lilith is a Black/Doom Metal band from La Paz, Bolivia. Since their formation in 1997 they have released 2 albums, The Conquering of the Eternal Wisdom (2000) and Monolith (2007). Their music is notable for it's fusion of symphonic Black Metal and atmospheric doom, bearing a strong resemblance to Rotting Christ circa. A Dead Poem with a less gothic sound.

7) Scott Gibbons performs under the name Lilith making experimental music that includes musique concrete, and field recordings generally taking sounds from nature and manipulating them electronically. He has an official website at and a Discogs page at Many of his albums have been released on Sub Rosa records. He finds inspiration from John Cage, Steve Reich, The Hafler Trio and Lustmord, as well as the I Ching, the dadaist, and Alister Crowley.

8) Lilith is a Japanese visual Kei band. (

9) Lilith is a Finnish goa trance project.

11) Lilith is a folk trio from Pittsburg, USA. Featuring Joe and Reba, members of the hardcore punk band Code Orange Kids and artist Kimi Hanauer. Their latest 7" 'Return' can be streamed and downloaded from their bandcamp page:

12) Lilith is a electronic duo from Brazil. You can hear their sound at

13) Lilith is an angry feminist hardcore band from Phoenix, Arizona, founded in early 2014:

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