Инструкция по выживанию

Инструкция по выживанию Инструкция по выживанию (Instrukcija po vizhivaniyu) (English: Instructions for Survival), abbreviated as IPV, are a Russian band from Tyumen who emerged from the dissident underground punk scene in the mid-eighties. Founded in 1985, but after their first concert the majority of participants were excluded from the Komsomol (Communist Youth Party) and sent to the army. Roman Neumoev (Russian: Роман Неумоев), born 17.10.1963, then joined the band and has led it to the present day, still performing sporadic concerts. He has a physics degree. The group initially played punk with protest lyrics ('Rock 'n' Roll Front', 'Afghan Syndrome', 'Comrade Gorbachev') on releases such as "Night Beat" (1986) and "Confrontation in Moscow" (1988) then shifted to an alternative rock sound with darker philosophical lyrics ('Continuous Suicide', 'Faith', 'No Death') on releases such as "Memory" (1991) & "The Army of White Light" (1992). IPV collaborated with Egor Letov & Grazhdanskaya Oborona during the eighties and released an album together titled 'Instructions on Defense' (1987). Grazhdanskaya Oborona also released a full album of IPV covers in 1990. In 1993-1994, the group participated in the movement "Russian Breakthrough."
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