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Condom There are three bands with name Condom:

1. Punk band from Munich in Germany
2. Swedish electro collaboration (Covox & Random)
3. Oriental/Post Screamo band from Sudan

1. Punk band formed in 1979 from Munich in Germany.

Here is a part of their website; it's translated from German http://www.condom-punk.de/:

Condom preserve the early tradition of early 80's punk. namely garage punk. Established in1979 they still have the original line up.
Some members have also over the years been in other bands namely Bluekilla and No Goods

Condom are:
Patrick - Gesang/Singer
Peter - Gitarre/Guitar
Tschinge - Bass
Willi - Schlagwerk/Drums

A new CD "125 years of punk music," was published in November 2004 by Aggressive Noise.

Supported:The Lurkers, The Business, Guitar Gangsters, Pack, Rasta Knast and Antidote

2. CONDOM is a collaboration between Covox and Random, two swedish chiptune/Game Boy/Electro musicians who performed live together exclusively at Blip Festival 2009 in NYC.
Live recordings were released in 2010 http://condom.bandcamp.com

3. Formed in 1992, Condom is an all African band with all of its members originating from Sudan. When Muhammad Sachrriha met Sean Hung in high school during a sex-ed class, they shared a common interest in Oriental music. Soon the band was formed and bassist Samuel Simanjuntak soon joined the ranks in onf of Sudan's most popular band. With just 3 songs, Untitled shit1-3, they rocked the Sudanese Military bases with a mix of tunes between post screamo and oriental music. Now one member in the yellow shirt is dead, we don't know why.
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