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Sexavet Memmedov

Sexavet Memmedov Sexavet Amirkhan Mammedov was born on the 23d of October 1953 in Abdal –Guliabli, Agdam region.

In 1971 Sexavet Mammedov was enrolled to Asaf Zeinalla music school, he was a student of Gadzhibaba Guseinov – peoples artist of Azerbaijan. In 1976 he became a soloist of Khumayun folk and instrumental band.

From 1983 till 1988 he continued his education in Azerbaijan State Institute of Arts. One year later he created Karabakh instrumental band. Unique voice timbre and inspiring performing talent of Sexavet won him love of listeners, fame, glory and success in many countries of the world.

September 30, 1991 Sexavet Mammedov's life came to a tragic end in a car accident in unclear circumstances. But outstanding singer who had hardly lived 38 years left very rich heritage which became very bright page in music culture history.
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