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Head To Head

Head To Head Head to Head (aka The Parish Of Head To Head) were an unsigned band based in Salisbury, UK.

The album Head To Head was released in July 2008 and contains 9 songs featuring the full band line-up for the only time.

Formed in 2005, they self-released a 4 track CD called The Music EP (early 2006), and the Get Back On Your Feet ep in early 2007. There is also a remixed version of "The Music EP" The Music EP Remixes. The 11 track CD called simply Demos collects all the demo recordings made at the flat in 2007. All the EPs are available as free downloads from H2H Recordings.

Their sound was a hybrid of many influences, most notably funk, disco, progressive rock, and electronics. There were eventually six members of the band: Noel Doak played drums, occasional percussion and provided vocals. Tack played bass, Rich Wright played guitar and Simon Birch (X-Amt.) played keyboards and designed sounds as well as producing and recording the band in the studio. The Dazman joined the band in autumn 2006, and added more guitar. Kate Hayes joined the band to provide more vocals.

Lou Watts sang for the band for a short period and Andi Panayi (X-Amount) played percussion at a couple of gigs.

The sound was enhanced by the use of samples, that were usually triggered from the partly electronic drum kit. In 2007 they made their debut appearance at the Glastonbury Festival and won The Talking Heads Battle Of The Bands in Southampton. In 2008 they returned to the Glastonbury Festival and earned a reputation as an accomplished, original and exciting live band.

The band eventually folded in October 2008.

The Head To Head album is available from iTunes

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