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Vår The young Danish musicians Elias Ronnenfelt and Loke Rahbek make songs that sound like dance music played through a long PVC tube filled with steel wool and muddy gauze. Lo-fi, punk-inspired sounds are in the duo's musical DNA: Ronnenfelt also plays in the band Iceage and Rahbek sings for Sexdrome and runs the Copenhagen-based punk label Posh Isolation.

Known until recently as War (another band with the same name objected), the duo are announcing a new name today: VÅR. VÅR is pronounced like "War," but the meaning and the date the band chose to announce the change suggest a shift. Vår is the Danish word for "spring," and May 5 marks the anniversary of end of the Nazi occupation of Denmark.

"The name change happens in spring and is named thereafter," the duo wrote. "The name also states a new beginning for the project, that has been going on for already a few years by now. Starting as a post-industrial project releasing ltd. cassettes and now to be a multi media project, where in sound and image is of equal importance.

"VÅR is not music in a sense. its more like a way to wear your shirt and holding an arm around your friends."
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