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Horst Jankowski

Horst Jankowski Horst Jankowski (January 30, 1936, Berlin - June 29, 1998) was a classically trained pianist most famous for his easy listening music.
Jankowski studied at the Berlin Music Conservatory and played jazz in Germany in the 1950s, serving as bandleader for singer Caterina Valente. Jankowski's fame as a composer of easy listening pop peaked in 1965 with his tune Eine Schwarzwaldfahrt, released in English as "A Walk in the Black Forest". The tune became a pop hit, reaching #1 on the US Adult Contemporary chart, #12 on the US Billboard Hot 100 , and #3 in the UK. Jankowski went on to score a string of successful albums, but moved on in the 1970s to concentrate more on jazz, including covers of pop and rock hits. 1989-1994 Jankowski composed and performed Easy Listening Production Music for Sonoton, Germany.


Traumklang und Rhythmus (1965; Mercury Records)
Encore (1965; Mercury Records)
The Genius of Jankowski (1965; Mercury Records) US #18
More Genius of Jankowski (1966; Mercury Records) US #65
Sing mit Horst (1966; Mercury Records)
Still More Genius of Jankowski (1967; Mercury Records) US #107
The Horst Jankowski Scene (1967; Mercury Records)
And We Got Love (1967; Mercury Records)
So What's New? (1968; Mercury Records)
Play Some More, lieber Horst (1968; Mercury Records)
The Many Moods of Jankowski (1968; Mercury Records)
Piano Affairs (1968; Mercury Records)
Jankowski Plays Jankowski (1969; Mercury Records)
Jankowski Meets Beethoven (1969, Mercury Records)
A Walk in the Evergreens (1969; Mercury Records)
Piano on the Rocks (1970; Mercury Records)
Jankowskingsize – For Nightpeople Only (1970; MPS)
Jankowskinetik (1970; MSP)
Jankowskeynotes (1970; MPS)
Follow Me (1972; Intercord)
International (1973; Intercord)
Jankowskyline (1973; Intercord)
Jankowski's Classic Explosion (1979; EMI)
The Best of Mr. Black Forest (1989; Sonoton / Intersound)
Piano Interlude (1994; Sonoton / Intersound)
Black Forest Explosion! (1997; Motor Music)
Eine Schwarzwaldfahrt (1998; Mercury Records)
Jankowskinetik (2003; Universal)
Jankowskeynotes (2004; Universal)
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