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Markus Homm

Markus Homm markus was born in romania on the 14 of january 1980. seven years later his family immigrated to germany. the fol- lowing biography reviles only one particular aspect of his life that started out as a hobby in the past and became a big part of his present. being directly and obliquely in touch with music for over a decade markus developed a passion for various dance mu- sic. as a professional dancer he has been and still is representing germany at major world and european dance championships that gave him a great opportunity to travel around the world, get accustomed to different cultures as well as be exposed to their music, nightlife, and the club scene. in 2001 markus made his first dj appearance in a german club that was followed by a series of various gigs. one of those bookings brought him back to his home country (romania) where he was surprisingly impressed by the club scene and decided to get more involved. thus in 2004 markus with a group of dj opened up a record store located in romania. trough out his numerous journeys (los angeles, miami, new york, london, tokyo, hong kong, singapore and more...) he acquired many useful contacts with people involved in the industry who have the same interests and passions.
as well as developed his own sense of style combined from deep house up to tech-house and minimal sounds. during his work in different places and different countries markus gained a tremendous experience during the last few years. playing in big room locations in eastern europe, after hour clubs in germany or one of the most exclusive lounge in the world there is no limits and restriction in the sound that markus will provide. his talent and open mind for music clearly has trademark of his sets. lately markus has been working in the studio on a few track ready to release.
working together with names like dan f (disuye rec/ global underground) who has been involved with lee burridge and james lavell in the past. mihai popoviciu (gigolo records) and chris samba (hussle music). after some support from dj colleges ..sweet keys.. produced by markus was played in the bbc 1 radio show from aaron ross in london in september 2007. watch out for some more upcoming tunes and future releases.
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