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Gitte HænningGitte Hænning (Born: 29 June 1946 ) is a Danish singer. Got his first hit as 8-year-old with the number going to marry Daddy , where she sang a duet with her ​​father Otto Hænning . Since it became a school of pop, in the light genres, and Gitte prepared the ground for a large and sustained career as topartist in Germany , without forgetting his audience in Denmark, where she still has many fans.

Gitte Hænning has recorded discs in Danish, Swedish, Finnish, English, German and Dutch.

More recently she has performed all over Germany together with the Swedish singer Siw Malmkvist and Norwegian singer Wenche Myhre , who all together have gained lots of success on the German market for many years. In 2006 there appeared a 4-double CD with Gittes early numbers from 1958 - 1965 on EMI, "The Great Popbox" and on the German market often send her a new plate.

Has participated as an actor because of his vocal talents in more than 10 Danish feature films (including He, she, Dirch and Dario from 1962 ) and numerous television productions, particularly in Germany.
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