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Tune Up!

Tune Up! There are two artists with the name Tune Up! and Tune Up which are both redirected here:

1) Tune Up! is a German Eurodance group consisting of DJ Manian (Manuel Reuter) and Yanou (Yann Pfeiffer), the same team as Cascada. Markus Beilke (aka Triffid) was an early member of the group, but left shortly after its conception. The group is known for their songs "Raver's Fantasy", "Bounce", and "Another Day". They also remix and collaborate on songs by other artists. According to their MySpace page, they have separated and are no longer a band. However, DJ Manian and Yanou continue to work together in Cascada and countless other projects.

2) Tune Up is a German folk band founded in 1998 featuring 13 musicians, most of them students at the Oberkochen Music School. During the years and after having played many concerts the band has evolved into a professionally performing folk band, winning several awards and releasing some CDs. They consists today of 7 members.
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