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The_Network Bitter times force disgruntled outcomes. New Hampshire’s the_Network is bruised and wounded, but never broken. Five friends sought out to forcibly shove a middle finger in the face of repugnant atrocities, while ramming a filth-laden shoe down its neck in angst. the_Network is pissed off, refusing to sit still and act as an obedient lap dog. These boys aren’t afraid to piss you off, and will do so with a smile and right hook to the gut.

In 2002, the_Network’s eat shit mentality was laid down in a mere 12 hours on a five song, vinyl 7”, later released by Out of Limits Records. The band’s reputation for unrestrained destruction led to the_Network’s first full-length and Black Market Activities debut This is Your Pig’s Portrait, released in January 2007, and a split with UK band Throats released via Holy Roar Records in 2008.

The_Network ripped apart any house party and basement floor for the next few years, with three full U.S. tours and countless East Coast tours, joining bands like Trap Them, Gaza, Converge and Furnace, to name a few, vaulting off drum sets, chucking pedal boards—all with a blatant disregard for any form of personal safety.

The_Network has self funded several international tours, including Australia, Puerto Rico, England and Scotland, bringing the do-it-yourself, scumbag mentality to fans far and wide.

On Sept. 15, the_Network unleashes its most dark, gritty, and pissed off album yet with Bishop Kent Manning. Produced by Kurt Ballou at God City Studios, Bishop Kent Manning is named for a short story written by guitarist Kevin Howley. A 12” vinyl will also be released via Closed Casket Activities.

Bishop Kent Manning will make you a believer in the existence of punk music once again with fists-clenched, abrasively spitting on all within its proximity.
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