Rick Batyr

Rick Batyr Rick Batyr
Prana Sound Studio
Rick Batyr is an intuitive sound shaman,Reiki practioner,audio engineer, music producer and drummer from New York. Rick creates intuitive channeled healing music that combines ancient and modern sound healing modalities with a blend of ambient soundscapes, science and organic instruments.

Rick’s writing process is intuitive, through various meditation, Reiki, shamanistic and akashic record techniques he acts as a clear channel (hollow reed) for the healing sounds to be channeled from guides, angels and ascended masters. Allowing the frequencies, vibrations and energy to heal on a energetic, physical and cellular level for the listener.

Rick has been helping other artists and healers to combine the power of sound in their own work through his recording facility Prana Sound Studio. Working with artists and healers such as Grenot, Pat Longo, Eastern Light project, Vladimir Khrobysov and Tanya Allison.

His mission is to help others heal through sound and meditation. Creating sonic tools that allow you to explore the self and find healing through vibration and intention. You can hear Rick’s music on many stations around the world such as One World Radio, Soul Traveler radio, radio plentitude, Spotify, iTunes and more.

Currently Rick performs live sound healing, Reiki and meditation groups in various locations in New York. Rick has also recently started a sound healing radio called Prana Sounds. The show is designed help others heal through sound via live guided meditations, sound healing music and discussion.
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