Paralitikos Paralítikos is a Cantabrian band and twisted Makabro afterpunk formed in the winter of 1989. The first formation they made a Punk Rock corrosive, combative and degenerative. Rikarditiko: Voice, Andres: Guitar, Luis: Bassist, Tonin: Battery. They released a live kon maketa komo issues "Pota between boots."

After several withdrawals from the band recorded two maketas "Gothic" and "It funeral day," rekopiladas in 2002 on the CD "Rekopilacion of Resurrection." They develop a sound rather more sinister oskuro, similar to permanent paralysis or groups komo Empty Beings

In the 2000/2001 is resurrected the band with the voice Rikardo, Nando Fausto Lower, Kike to the guitar and the teklados Dioxia Bea.

After giving konciertos rekorrer peninsula, finally in 2005 they recorded their uniko studio CD "Crow Wing". In the now developing a more harmonious and oppressive sound, dominated by teklados, aunke afterpunk not lose the ferocity of previous work.

Eventually the group disbanded again.

Currently only the voice Rikardo keda and low running komo threesome kon different mercenaries.
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